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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some Thoughts About Hot Summertime!

Dear Friends,
The temperature is soaring with high humidity here in South Carolina, yet the soil is dry as a bone at Stoney Hill Farm. We are carefully watering our gardens from our two very deep wells. But we cannot give water to the fields and woodlands. It's sad for me to know they are thirsty and there is nothing I can do. I see clouds and hear thunder, but there is no rain.

In the early morning I'm out in the garden and think about the grand white oak at the edge of our woods. I think about how this spectacular, strong oak tree has been here for 100+ years and has weathered storms and drought by sending its roots deep into the soil. I notice how the willow trees grow in colonies beside the creek and pond and survive by bending with the breeze. I consider our trees and plants to be my good friends and teachers so always try to learn from them.

It looks like rain is on the way for next week - we are hopeful!


I've been spending part of each morning tending to my water gardens. One of the gardens has a waterfall with plants and some small fish and frogs. I enjoy feeding the fish each morning.

See one of the frogs on the lily pad?

The water lily flower is absolute perfection!

I've named my new secret garden Hummer Haven because the hummingbirds love the Rose of Sharon, Bougainvillea, Mandevilla and other bloomers.

In this area we created another small pond with a few plants and some mosquito fish and frogs. A small solar fountain helps to keep oxygen in the water.

During this drought, I am refreshed by my ponds, water plants and water creatures. I also find our heat loving plants to be refreshing as well. This year I'm growing Holy Tulsi Basil as well as the usual varieties of sweet basil. Basil loves hot weather!

I've distilled a lovely Hydrosol from our Holy Tulsi Basil! I enjoy using our Holy Tulsi Basil Hydrosol as a cooling spritzer.

Holy Tulsi Basil Hydrosol (Ocimum sanctum) is distilled from several varieties of Ocimum sanctum - Rama, Vana, Kapoor and Krishna. These plants are grown from Organic Certified seed.

Holy Tulsi Basil Hydrosol is recommended for use in skin care and hair care.

Holy Tulsi Basil Hydrosol can be used for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and soothing characteristics.

All varieties of Basil are native to India where it is used in Ayurveda medicine. Holy Tulsi Basil(Ocimum sanctum) is considered to be a sacred plant and is used to open the heart and bring harmony to the mind. Our Holy Tulsi Basil plants grow in a special place in our garden and are honored for their many gifts to us.

Basil smells like summertime and thrives in hot weather, but the fresh scent of Holy Tulsi Basil Hydrosol can be enjoyed all year!


More soon..........stay cool!

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